Toronto’s Mini me mayor speaks, and we cringe … again

  I never realised Doug Ford didn’t think women drove. No, seriously. I laboured under the delusion Doug and his brother Mayor Rob were mayors of all citizens of the sprawling mess we lovingly call the GTA, not just the men in their little enclave in the suburbs. It’s difficult to separate the muddled meanderings […]

Just what the U.S. needs, one more idiot

Looks like the Grandmaster of white supremacy is thinking of throwing his hat into the Presidential ring. Yup, David Duke, the former KKK Grand Wizard (or something insanely ridiculous like that), has announced he will test the waters in a tour of the US to see if there is enough support for his brand of […]

Here, let me adjust that date one more time

It was no surprise the world didn’t come to an end on Saturday. Well, unless you are Harold Camping and his band of delusional followers. Camping was “flabbergasted” to find he was still on earth Sunday. He just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t sitting on God’s right hand side in billowing clouds of heavenly glory. […]

I’m sure this is one of the signs of the Apocalypse

Oh dear god, I’m speechless.. Charlie Sheen has been offered $3 million to be the face of a dating website. The former Two and a Half Men star — who infamously set up house with two “goddesses,” Natalie Kenly and Bree Olson, earlier this year — has reportedly been approached by to front a […]

Misc ramblings on this Rapture Eve

Oh look! It’s May 20 and tomorrow is Rapture day. Unless you are in New Zealand where it’s already the 21. Well, well, New Zealand is still with us! So that means either Kiwis are all athiests and going to Hell or GASP! the Rapture is another hoax. This highlights a glaring flaw (among many) […]

What a class act!

I keep waiting for Sarah Palin to finally dig a hole deep enough that she finally finds where she buried her decency and brains. She’s still digging and I’ve just about given up hope she’ll ever find them. She so classy, I’m simply staggered by her. Osama Bin Laden has finally been hunted down and […]

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