Toronto’s Mini me mayor speaks, and we cringe … again

  I never realised Doug Ford didn’t think women drove. No, seriously. I laboured under the delusion Doug and his brother Mayor Rob were mayors of all citizens of the sprawling mess we lovingly call the GTA, not just the men in their little enclave in the suburbs. It’s difficult to separate the muddled meanderings […]

Private agendas & an utter contempt for judicial independence

I didn’t closely follow the Casey Anthony trial that just wrapped up in the US. It was a 3 ring circus of media lynching, unrealistic jury expectations of CSI like evidence and political bullshit. If you are interested in the sordid details of the trial, just Google Casey Anthony and you’ll be up to your […]

Just what the U.S. needs, one more idiot

Looks like the Grandmaster of white supremacy is thinking of throwing his hat into the Presidential ring. Yup, David Duke, the former KKK Grand Wizard (or something insanely ridiculous like that), has announced he will test the waters in a tour of the US to see if there is enough support for his brand of […]

What a class act!

I keep waiting for Sarah Palin to finally dig a hole deep enough that she finally finds where she buried her decency and brains. She’s still digging and I’ve just about given up hope she’ll ever find them. She so classy, I’m simply staggered by her. Osama Bin Laden has finally been hunted down and […]

A card carrying liberal? Oh spare me your phobias.

Lately I’ve noticed an increase in the use of the term “card carrying liberal”, invoking the horrors of the communist scares of the past. Right wing talk show hosts love throwing this phrase out – I think they are genuinely afraid of ideas that run contrary to their own narrow views. But Canadians are starting […]

Oh come on …. now you’re just being stupid!

Ah… smell that? The faint whiff of rampant homophobia in the air. The idiots that scream from the rooftops about being “pro-family” (is anyone actually anti-family?) and rant about the “homosexual agenda” would be amusing if they weren’t so down right stupid and dangerous. They have this quaint notion gays and lesbians are lurking on […]

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