Toronto’s Mini me mayor speaks, and we cringe … again

  I never realised Doug Ford didn’t think women drove. No, seriously. I laboured under the delusion Doug and his brother Mayor Rob were mayors of all citizens of the sprawling mess we lovingly call the GTA, not just the men in their little enclave in the suburbs. It’s difficult to separate the muddled meanderings […]

Here, let me adjust that date one more time

It was no surprise the world didn’t come to an end on Saturday. Well, unless you are Harold Camping and his band of delusional followers. Camping was “flabbergasted” to find he was still on earth Sunday. He just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t sitting on God’s right hand side in billowing clouds of heavenly glory. […]

I’m sure this is one of the signs of the Apocalypse

Oh dear god, I’m speechless.. Charlie Sheen has been offered $3 million to be the face of a dating website. The former Two and a Half Men star — who infamously set up house with two “goddesses,” Natalie Kenly and Bree Olson, earlier this year — has reportedly been approached by to front a […]

Intolerance, bigotry, oh hey and a side order of hatred

Just in case you think I believe the US has a monopoly on the holier than thou sanctimonious Christian ethos, think again. Canada has it’s own, who would love nothing more than turn Canada into a self-righteous, god fearing, pile of steaming paranoia. The majority of those who identify themselves as Christian in Canada are […]

Oh come on …. now you’re just being stupid!

Ah… smell that? The faint whiff of rampant homophobia in the air. The idiots that scream from the rooftops about being “pro-family” (is anyone actually anti-family?) and rant about the “homosexual agenda” would be amusing if they weren’t so down right stupid and dangerous. They have this quaint notion gays and lesbians are lurking on […]

I got my Tea Party Nation secret decoder ring today!!

In my never ending quest to amuse myself, I strolled on over to the Tea Party Nation website to see what they have to say. In case you are unfamiliar with the TPN, they are the extreme version of the Tea Party – they make Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford look like a card carrying Pinko. […]

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