Toronto’s Mini me mayor speaks, and we cringe … again

  I never realised Doug Ford didn’t think women drove. No, seriously. I laboured under the delusion Doug and his brother Mayor Rob were mayors of all citizens of the sprawling mess we lovingly call the GTA, not just the men in their little enclave in the suburbs. It’s difficult to separate the muddled meanderings […]

G20 Redux–the face of an anarchist

Anarchist Pronunciation:/’anekist/ noun Canadian political straw man used by politicians and police to justify abuse of power. Empty word to describe anyone they are afraid of. See: citizen —————————————————————————————- Want to see one of the G20 “anarchists”? Still unconvinced about the abuse of power that took place here in Toronto last year? Listen to John […]

TTC and the Anti-poverty coalition

Every once in awhile my spam catcher works in overdrive and holds a legitimate message. No idea why, maybe it tweaks upon a few key words here and there. I’m reprinting a message sent to me, via a comment on the TTC mess. Although I’ve approved the comment to show, I thought it should get […]

Back on my hobby horse

I’ve been busy for the past few days. I have a lovely new 64 bit dual core lots of ram no more gerbil power for me laptop! I’ve spent an embarassing amount of time playing around with it. Oh dear, I am in love! Fast and powerful.  Too bad it couldn’t organise me and make […]

TTC + Adam Giambrone = rant redux

[We] apologize for all the delays. There’s really no way to deal with hundreds of thousands of people converging on one transportation corridor TTC Chair Adam Giambrone November 19/09 hmmm… the TTC has never dealt with any halts on the system before yesterday? They never had to deal with massive crowds? Service has been perfect […]

Addendum to the epic rant

Oh you just know I’m going to be like a dog with a bone over the TTC, don’t you. I just read this on the CBC’s website: …repairs above a subway tunnel just south of the St. Clair station may have compromised the tunnel’s integrity, according to the Toronto Transit Commission. A contractor not associated […]

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